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Our top picks for Agnes Water/1770

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Just in time for the holidays, here are our personal favourites*. Places to eat and drink, hang out, explore and have fun.

An aerial image of the creek in 1770 at low tide. Clear, turquoise, green and blue water intercepted by various sandbanks and sailing vessels moored.. Hills in the background
Aerial view of Round Hill Creek - photo by Mark Fitz

Free and cheap stuff

There are plenty of places to explore and see that won't cost you a thing or very little. Our top 5 picks:

1. Surround yourself by water and walk around the big sandbar in 1770 at low tide.

This is my personal all time favourite (I’m not even sure I should tell you about it) spot to go for a walk and swim. Plenty of places for a swim and a great place to spot marine life.

If you really want to explore the sandbar and waterways of 1770, our Nature tour will show you some of our local creatures and the best views to be had in 1770.

2. Check out the little museum. It is full of awesome stories!! You'll easily get 'lost in time' and stumble back out hours later.

3. Explore the 1770 Headland.

You can check out the vistas from the lookout platforms but there are also several small tracks along the headland. Go explore them but be very careful if going to some of the small beaches, the way down/up can be dangerous!

4. Walk the entire length of the Agnes Water main beach from Tom Jeffrey park to the rocks at 1770.

This is best done at low tide or at least an outgoing tide. The beach is 6km long, so make sure to pack a picnic and take plenty of water.

5. See the stunning Paperbark Forest Walk.

This is a short, 400m circuit which takes you through an amazing paperbark forest. Kids just love this trail with it's stepping stones and boardwalks. It's quite magical, so make sure you have enough time for a second or third round. And don't forget the camera!

A coastal view from the 1770 headland along the Agnes Water main beach. Native flowers in the foreground, a grassy area, some trees. Ocean to the left
1770 headland with view south along the Agnes Water beach

Our top picks for eating out in Agnes Water & 1770

Eat, drink, repeat. You won't go hungry or thirsty with our top restaurant and cafe picks for Agnes Water/1770

1. Start with a breakfast at Getaway cafe. The tranquil, beautiful garden setting is the perfect way to start your day. The very friendly team will feed you (do try the Recovery burger!) and you can even bring along your dog or horse! In 1770, try the Marina cafe, they make a mean Eggs Benedict and I love the pumpkin and haloumi turkish bread!

2. For lunch, you could have a picnic in one of the parks and even make use of the free bbqs there. If you’d rather be lazy and let someone else do all the prep, cooking and cleaning up, grab a bite at the Holidays cafe, the Marina Cafe or Cafe Discovery.

3. For dinner, head to the Agnes Water Tavern. Or grab some fish and chips and watch the sunset in 1770.

On Wednesday and Sunday nights, the Getaway Cafe is open for dinner and Elvis is the pizza king! He will cook you a fantastic wood fired pizza!! Highly recommended.

If you fancy some cocktails, head to the Drift & Wood. They have a dedicated cocktail master, whipping up some special creations for you.

Garden cafe setup with lights strung along two long tables and lights around a palm tree
The 1770 Getaway cafe is also available for special events.

Top tours and activities

Our favourite tours in and around Agnes and 1770

1. Well, doh! Kayaking of course! Whether it is on our famous sunset tour, nature tour or family tour - being active out on the water is one of the best ways to burn up some energy, see 1770 from a different angle, explore nature and spend some quality time with friends and family.

2. 1770 LARC! tours do a range of fantastic tours from 1hr to full day trips. There is something for everyone. Their guides are full of stories and enthusiasm and you will always have a laugh and learn something too.

3. See the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Head out in your own boat (you lucky bastard), on a friend’s boat (this is the very best option) or on a daytrip with 1770Reef. You can also charter a boat with Creek2Reef or 1770 Reef, Fish & Dive for your group. In our opinion, this is the best way to see the reef as you can customise your day depending on the people in your group.

4. Explore the national parks. If you have your own 4x4 vehicle, head out to Deepwater (or Eurimbula, but Deepwater is our personal pick) National Park. There are several spots to camp and some day use areas with toilets and picnic tables. Stunning beaches, amazing scenery and wildlife. Make sure to stop at Wreck Rock. When the tide is right there is a cool rockpool to laze in.

And why not head to the Baffle Creek’s Zincalumbar for a cold drink afterwards? The Zincalumbar is a typical small town country pub and definitely worth a stop.

If you don't have a 4x4 car, Arty from Moondoggie tours will happily show you the park and beaches.

5. Surfing. Surf the northernmost wave!! Bring your board or hire one from the local surf schools.

Agnes main beach has a point break, depending on swell and conditions, beach breaks can be found all along Agnes main beach, Workmans Beach and Springs Beach.

At the 1770 headland you’ll find locals SUP surfing. SUP's can be rented from Chris at 1770 SUP.

A row of glasses stuck in the sand on a beach filled with wine. Water and people in the background
Sunset drinks in 1770 during our kayak tour

*These are personal and totally subjective views


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