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Agnes Water main beach

Agnes Water & Town of 1770 Info

Agnes Water & the Town of 1770 – Don’t let everyone else see it before YOU discover it…!

Captain James Cook was definitely onto something special when he stepped ashore at the inlet he named Bustard Bay back in 1770. He discovered a magical refuge that remains remarkably unspoilt by urbanisation.


Agnes Water and the Town of 1770​ are one of Queenslands best kept secret!

The Town of 1770 with its casual village-like ambiance is tucked beneath the overhanging gums lining the inlet of Round Hill Creek. Nearby, just a few kilometres to the south lies the slightly larger town of Agnes Water perched atop the coastal rise. Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 are in the Gladstone region, part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.​

Agnes Water and 1770 are fast becoming a well known holiday spot. Enjoy cooling sea breezes and over 280 days of sunshine a year. With ​accommodation options that range from camping through to luxury, ​activities for all ages and budgets and plenty of natural beauty, it is the ideal location to take a break. For families, backpackers, couples and grey nomads alike, this place has somehting for everyone. Now, find out ​how to get here​!

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